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Multi Use Bag Pack

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Product Description

Why stress about fitting everything into 1 Bag?
More bags means you can shop freely, without stressing over the bags you forgot at home, or how many bags you’ll need to buy!  Use and reuse them at home, at work, for school, on the go–whatever you need them for!

Multi Use Hippo Sak®

Stronger Than Ever
Power Strip® reinforces the bottom seal, so it’s 10 TIMES STRONGER than most other bags, including paper and reusable!

Easy and Convenient
Use it at the grocery store, and then reuse it for everything else! Folds up to fit in your purse or pocket!

Sanitary and Waterproof
Protects food against bacteria–Great choice for food safety! Use disinfectant wipes to easily clean between uses.

Environmentally Sound
Made with natural gas–NOT crude oil–from 100% recycled material

A Great Value
Shoppers get 12 bags for the same price as a single reusable bag, plus the benefit of reusing them for all of the things they need!


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